At Open House we consider viewings as one of the most important moments in the selling of your home. Yes, advertising on a wide network of property portals is the first step in getting people interested in your home – good quality photo’s and flooplans are well known to help encourage interest as well as pricing correctly.

There’s no denying that the majority of viewers have pretty much decided if they will want to buy your home before they’ve even walked through the door – they will know or have researched the area, they’ll know how much they can afford to spend, so why do we see a viewing as so important? The odds are high that the viewer is looking at a number of properties in quite a wide area, so although yours is ‘on the list’ you may have quite a lot of competition. Once they enter your home, there may be a number of aspects that perhaps aren’t ideal for them. The obvious things such as decor or kitchens and bathrooms can make a difference, but also the home layout and other things the viewer may not see as ideal.

At Open House, not only do we advise on how to stage your home to show it at it’s best, but we also make sure we have as much information about the property and the immediate area. By using this information and our years of property knowledge, we can talk through all the positives of buying your home with the viewer, and also advise them on the changes they can make to make it perfect for them. You’d be amazed how many buyers don’t consider changing the use of rooms around the home and having someone there to give ideas can make the difference in achieving an offer.

Another benefit to a good viewings guide rather than carrying out your own viewings is that a buyer will, understandably, tend to be polite to the seller and not voice any negatives that they see. There have been many, many occasions were we hear a seller be very surprised not to receive an offer from a very over enthusiastic viewer! If there is a good viewings guide on hand, a buyer is much more likely to point out what they see as negatives in the property and if the viewings guide has good knowledge of the property, the area and houses in general, they will be able to offer solutions to these problems.

Because of all this, your Open House viewings guide will be the same person who valued your property, contacts you with updates, and will progress your sale from the moment you contact us through to completion of the sale. They will have researched your home and will ask you for lots of information about the property to make sure they have a wealth of information to give to viewers and can use that face to face meeting to build a rapport with the buyer and encourage offers. This is why the majority of homes that have been sold with Open House Newmarket have received various offers, ensuring the maximum price with the best buyer.

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